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360-Degree Safety

4 motion sensors protect users that accidentally walk into an area of use.  Immediate shutdown occurs once the sensors detect movement

24 high-power PHILIPS UV-C tubes provide devastating killing power against all pathogens

360-Degree Power
One-Time Decontamination

The system simply needs placing as close to the centre of a room as possible to supply lethal doses to all areas without the need to be moved around

PHILIPS UV-C tubes supply 9,000 hours of continuous and effective  sanitising power

Long Tube Lifespan

The system has been designed to be easily moved between areas of use

Essential Management Tool

Data stored by the units Touchscreen provide management with important information and help ensure no high-burden settings are forgotten about

User Friendly

Touchscreen control provides users with multi-programmable configurations, guaranteeing lethal doses of UV-C whatever the setting the system is operated in

Tough & Durable Design

Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, the TRiCS system will supply many years of continual use.







An essential tool for Infection Control Teams to use in the battle against Hospital Acquired Infections and all harmful airborne pathogens

Owing to the well documented efficacy of UVGI, there is an increasing need to add the use of UV-C energy to traditional methods of decontaminating and sanitising high-burden areas of healthcare facilities.

Critical areas of healthcare facilities are generally cleaned using different types of chemicals and are prone to potentially fatal human error.

When dealing with pathogens such as; MRSA, CRE, VRE, TB, C-Diff and influenza it is essential that every available preventative measure has been utilised to prevent harm to patients, staff and visitors.  Incorporating the TRiCS Total Room Infection Control System shows a dedication and commitment to the implementation of innovative and effective state-of-the-art equipment.

Patient outcomes, including post-operative processes free of an elevated risk of HAI, should be of utmost importance to all healthcare management.  The effectiveness of UV-C at controlling and eradicating the risks associated with harmful pathogens are a welcome aid for infection control teams.

In addition to the above there are also financial incentives available by using the TRiCS system in the form of greatly reduced incidences of nosocomial infection costs.

The larger TRiCS Total Room Infection Control System incorporates the Swedish designed Beijer Electronics Touchscreen.

Users can input room designations (i.e., Operating Theatre-1) then input the dimensions of the floor space.  Once these details have been input the system calculates the operating time which ensures all parts of the room receive the required lethal dose of UV-C energy.

Should the operation of the system be interrupted by someone entering the room causing an automatic shutdown, the Beijer Touchscreen will alert users that the system did no operate for the desired amount of time.  A simple restart is then performed which supplies the required total operating period.

At any time, infection control management can download the data from the touchscreen in Excel spreadsheet format.  This is essential for infection control teams to make sure each high-burden setting has been treated by the TRiCS system and how often the unit has been used in separate areas.

With easy-to-use functionality, and the ability to store room designations once input, the Beijer Touchscreen provides infection control staff with an added advantage in the battle against Hospital Acquired Infections.




Four state-of-the-art motion sensors protects users that accidentally walk into an area of use.

Immediate shutdown occurs once the sensors detect movement.








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